First Day Ceremony

January 20, 2012

45c Weather Vane Stamps

Shelburne Museum, Shelburne Vermont

The Round Barn at the Parking Lot

Members of Chittenden County Stamp Club: 20 degrees

Stagecoach House, site of the Ceremony

The ceremony was held in the hallway right behind the front door

The gallery for the ceremony.

The "crowd". The woman in blue jacket is the photographer, Sally Andersen-Bruce.

Sally Andersen-Bruce, photographer; Shawn Patton, USPS regional; and Debra Blondin, Shelburne Post Office

Leslie Wright welcomes the group to Shelburne Museum

Postmaster Debra Blonin introduces the speakers.

USPS speaker Shawn Patton

Kory Rogers, Curator of Design Arts at Shelburne Museum and Shawn Patton unvail the new stamps.

The Post Office in one of the the other galleries. The centaur weather vane is on the wall to the left of the picture.

Postal workers selling and cancelling.

Looking into another gallery. The red haired woman is the Shelburne Post Office, Debra Blondin.

The centaur weather vane

First Day Program

created January 20, 2012

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