Vermont Special Postmarks

We have probably all read advertisements placed in Sunday newspaper supplements extolling special programs like “Shapers of America” or “Birds of the 50 States” where companies such as Fleetwood, the Franklin Mint or the Westport Collectors Society peddle overpricedcovers to the general public usually at a cost of $19.95 each.

Of course, we know that the resale value of these covers is practically nil. A few years after a series is done, the same covers can be foundin dealer’s wares at $1.00 or less. These covers are colorfully designed and are “cancelled” at an appropriate post office near the location “honored”.

However, they are not usually canceled at the local post office, but at some national site such as the Kansas City postal agency. If you are a registered cover dealer you can order a cancel with any post office’s name to be used on your covers. According to one poster on an internet chat board the cost for the cancellation device is $25.00. Usual cancel- ing fees apply: 5˘ a cover after the first 50 covers, which are cancelledfree of charge. The covers also have to have the current first class postage rate applied, which is currently 46˘.

The majority of these cancels were from Montpelier.  The rest of the cancels from other post offices in Vermont are listed separately.


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last updated August 27, 2013